What is the Saga Sports Commission?

The Saga Sports Commission is a nonprofit organization that supports all those involved in sport-without distinguishing between major or minor sports-such as athletes, coaches and sports event organizers.
Our targeted support area is Saga Prefecture, which is located in the Kyushu region of Japan. We provide as much support as possible by taking advantage of all sporting resources in Saga Prefecture, including sports facilities, the sea, mountains and other fields, as well as the sky, which is world-famous as a backdrop for hot-air balloon rides.






 We offer a variety of support options suitable for a range of events and sports competitions to utilize these sports resources, and for pre-training camps for teams and athletes to compete in worldwide competitions and other competitions held in Japan and East Asia, so that teams and athletes can comfortably condition and strengthen themselves for the competition. We look forward to welcoming many people.


All services are free.


(Examples of support options)
Support for making necessary arrangements for the use of sports facilities and/or practice gear that are generally hard to use
Introduction of accommodations around the camp site
Arrangement of meals, drinks and other necessary services during a stay in Saga Prefecture
Guidance on transportation to Saga Prefecture and within the prefecture
Support for reducing costs, including incurring part of the costs etc.






For inquiries, feel free to email us: ssc@pref.saga.lg.jp.