Privacy Policy

We may obtain personal information through this site when a user of this site posts an opinion or makes an inquiry, or on other occasions. We will protect such personal information of users of this site in accordance with the management procedures described below, based on the Saga Prefecture Privacy Policy and Action Program.

Handling of Personal Information

  1. Scope of the Saga Sports Commission site

    The Saga Sports Commission site (hereinafter “this site”) means the site with the domain name “”

  2. Personal information

    The personal information protected based on the Saga Prefecture Privacy Policy and Action Program means all information that can identify a user of this site, including name, address, photograph of face, email address, telephone number, sex, birthdate, occupation, philosophy of life and principles.

  3. We clearly express the purpose of collecting personal information.

    When we collect personal information, we collect only the minimum necessary to accomplish the purposes of the use of such information, and we clearly express such purposes.

  4. We do not use the collected personal information for purposes other than the intended purposes.

    We use users’ personal information collected through this site only for the purposes expressed to users, and do not use it for purposes other than such purposes.

  5. We do not provide the collected personal information to third parties beyond the intended purposes of use.

    We do not provide the personal information collected through this site to third parties, except when we have obtained approval from users or we are required to provide the information by laws. (We provide personal information to third parties when we are required to do so by law.)

  6. Access log

    We record the information of those who accessed this site in the form of access logs. Access logs include their domain name, IP address, browser name and access date & time; however, we cannot identify individual persons based on such information. The access logs are used for maintenance and management of the site and statistical analysis of use conditions, and are not used for other purposes.

  7. Cookie

    A cookie is a data file sent from a website to a user’s PC. When the user visits the website again, it can read the cookie from the user’s PC. Some pages on this site may use cookies in order to spare users the trouble of filling out information each time they visit this site or collect history information on pages that users visited. However, we do not obtain the personal information of users through cookies. Also, users can refuse to receive cookies. However, if a user refuses to receive cookies, the user may not be able to use part of the services provided by this site.

  8. Contact information

    For inquiries about this site, please send an email to the following address:
    Saga Sports Commission