Outdoor sports

SAGA Yacht Harbor

General Details
The proposed venue is the Saga Pref. Yacht Harbor in Karatsu-City. Saga Pref. Yacht Harbor is one of the JOC’s Sailing Training Center and many sailors have grown up through this Sailing Training Center, and achieved successful results, such as sliver at Atlanta Olympic, 2×silver ISAF Youth World 420 Boy, 2nd and 3rd 420 Ladies World,18th place London Olympic 470 Men, etc.
This training center has been promoting for 420s since 1987.
The 420 fleet in Karatsu-City is the largest in Japan, and running several 420 training camps and regattas every year.

Site area : 4,648㎡
Boat hanger : 364,5㎡ / 3 staged / Capacity : 48 boats
Repair-house : 390㎡
Boat park : Capacity 386boats
Floating pier : 7-meter long, 5-meter wide

Weather Conditions
There are predominantly N and NE sea breezes with the range of 8 to 18 knots in afternoons in July and August. If the prevailing wind continues for more than 2 days, there are chances to get bigger waves up to 2.5 meters.

Average temperature 27 to 31 C Average water temperature 27 to 29 C
Current Max. 0.5knots

High / Low Difference : 0.8 to 2.2m

Site Layout
The Club House at the Saga Pref. Yacht Harbor has available rooms for:
– Race Committee
– Briefing
– Scoring
– Jury Room (a room is divided into two with a panel) – Press
– International Class Association
A large tent area will be used for sail measurement prior to the race, and then will be turned in to competitor’s area with food and drink service.
The Hangers will be used for hull measurement.

Boat Park
Saga Pref. Yacht Harbour has 350 slots for dinghies and pontoons for 30 keel boats.
Launching Area
Very wide launching slope is available just in front of the boat park (approx. 90m wide, 360 square meter)
Competitors’ Area
Large tents will be provided for competitors (approx. 800 square meter). There will be catering services available with food that enables to charge and recharge competitors’ energy quickly, such as pasta, salads, soups, etc. at reasonable price. The competitors’ area is very conveniently located closed to launching slope and boat parks.

Toilet and Showering Facilities
There are toilet and showering facilities in the harbour. All these facilities are divided in female and male. Hot water is available and all facilities will be cleaned up every day.
Internet Access
Free Wi-Fi Access is available for everyone in the harbor (approx. 500 users are able to use the service, inside and outside the Club House) There shall be separate password for the service for all the officials.